About Us

Excellent assistance in credit checking and help you solve your troubles legally

  • Daai Investigation is your good partner for solving difficulties and troubles in your life!

    Everyone will encounter the difficulties or problems in the life that we cannot deal with it ourselves more or less. No matter it is the risk related to love or finance, it always makes us feel angry and upset. Daai Investigation understands people’s troubles and gathers experts good at investigation from different sectors to assist the public solve the troubles in life.

  • Excellent services of private investigator

    The business items that Daai offers include credit checking before marriage, divorce assistance, handling affairs, adultery investigation, cheating investigation, finding people and looking up addresses, credit check on businesses, counterfeiting investigation, and oversea investigation. We aim to help you who are in the difficulty and trouble of life obtaining proper investigation assistance as well as protect your rights and interests.

  • Qualified and certified personnel for private investigator

    The investigation specialists at Daai Investigation all passed the certification of national examination as well as have several years of experience in providing investigation service. The investigation company will also hold internal on-the-job training to the investigation specialists regularly. Under different circumstances, investigation specialists are able to maintain professional literacy and help the public finding out legal solution in order to avoid law violation.

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