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The issues of adultery or illicit love affair often happen in marriage, and many people tend to feel restless when encountering these issues. Daai Investigation has abundant experiences in dealing with cheating and catching red-handed and is able to assist you solve the issues smoothly! Many people have lots of misunderstanding towards handling cheating issues because they do not know the laws well. Daai Investigation collects news and hot topics and helps you understand how to solve the issue through actual case of catching red-handed.

Recommendation of professional investigation companiesWhen you are facing the issue of cheating or adultery of your spouse or need urgent assistance in any difficult, leave it to Daai Investigation assist you solving it out smoothly with its professional legal background and abundant practical experience!

Rapid and professional private investigatorOther than providing services for various credit checking businesses, Daai Investigation Co., Ltd. also refers excellent investigation companies that offer services in credit check on property, credit check on business, credit check before marriage, evidence-collection for affairs, keeping a mistress, catching red-handed, investigation of affairs, saving the relationship, finding people and looking up address, pressing for payment of debt, debt collection, and investigation of counterfeiting and infringement.

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Fox Detective will lead you to understand our service process step by step. Daai Investigation provides the complete and standard investigation commissioning process to ensure the privacy of the investigation and transparence of the service in order to protect your rights and interests. Daai Investigation will never damage your rights and interests. Just call us for free consultation, and it is 24 hours every day and the services reach the whole Taiwan!

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