Cross-boundary project

Cross-boundary project

The interaction between the two sides of the straits is getting more and more frequent. Many people in Taiwan want to expand their business in China, but it causes impact to family. Many businessmen who have family have no choice but leave the family and children behind and becomes the so-called “astronaut family’. It is usually a heavy-laden decision in the beginning and often ends up with the affairs in China because many couples spend more time apart. When it happens, most of the spouses not only feel resentment but also worry about the impact on their rights and interests. As a result, the cases of cross-boundary increase sharply in the past few years.

Even though cross-boundary projects are not easy tasks, there are still many people want to seek the assistance of the investigation company to implement it in order to collect the evidence of adultery that can be presented to the court. The main reason is most spouses want to claim justice for their marriage and get back the rights and interests lost due to the affair of the spouse. The problem is this kind of task requires professional investigation technique and evidence-collecting capability as well as be familiar with legal regulations before knowing what kind of evidence will be required so that the clients can speak loudly at the court.

It is very difficult to catch red-handed in Taiwan, and the difficulty will increase a lot in China. The clients must consider commissioning an investigation company that is not limited by the regions. Daai Investigation Company that has abundant investigation experience has established lots of branches overseas for many years in order to handle this kind of case timely as well as collect key evidence for our clients. Because we are good at analysis and planning, we have professional skills to handle the potential problems in the marriage and the situations in the process of catching red-handed. We can unfold well-designed and complete plans to achieve the task even though it is in the overseas areas.

Daai Investigation Company is especially a company that is legal registration according to the regulations required by the government, and our clients always feel ease with us. For a long time, Daai Investigation Company is the expert good at handling issues in the marriage. We not only know clearly how complicated the spouses feel when facing the affair but also good at using legal regulations to deal with adultery in China for our clients and successfully imposes sanctions on the other woman. There are our professional know-how and knowledge, and the most important thing is to make sure our clients escape unscathed. Therefore, commissioning Daai Investigation Company is your best choice if you want to claim justice.

Forward all of the difficult and complicated issues related to investigation to Daai Investigation Company. We will deal with each of your letter and your phone call with professional angle and attentive attitude to handle your request carefully. Welcome to contact us for consultation.
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