Divorce assistance

Divorce assistance

Everyone who steps into marriage hopes that they can be with the other half to the end of their life. However, when affairs, domestic violence, and disagreement between the husband and the wife appear in the marriage, divorce perhaps is to give yourself a path for liberation and freedom. However, it is not so easy to deal with the dissolution of marriage. When the divorce appears on the option, the situation is usually fiery and embarrassing, especially many people worry about losing the guardianship on children. Therefore, they choose to compromise and carry on the relationship.

Many couples who want to get divorced always feel difficult in giving up guardianship. Children are the treasure of parents’. When it comes to divorce, both parties tend to insist on the guardianship, especially many people will threat the other party to agree on unreasonable conditions with the guardianship. As a result, there are a huge amount of people fear to get divorced due to the guardianship even though they are upset and suffer from the pain caused by affairs and the harm generated from the domestic violence.

In fact, the determination of guardianship is not absolute. It is not the advantage of the husband nor the party who earns more money. Currently, the determination of the guardianship of children is mainly based on the best interests for children as the consideration. The determination of guardianship will consider the age of children, the willingness of children, the age of both parents, moral conduct, profession, parenting styles, and the interaction with children.

The professional divorce lawyers at Daai Investigation provide you divorce assistance to help fighting for guardianship of children, the rights and interests belonging to you, and continuing have a better tomorrow! You must know the following key points if you want to get divorced and possess the guardianship of children:
(1) After divorce, the guardianship might not necessarily go to the father!
(2) After divorce, the party who has better income might not necessarily win the guardianship!
(3) Even though the guardianship is granted to one party, the other party still possess visitation rights! (Unless there is any expected situation)
(4) The party that fails to get the guardianship still need to share the living and educational fees for children!
(5) If the party who wins the guardianship after divorce fails to take care of children well, the other party is entitled to earn back the guardianship through the lawsuit of “changing guardianship”!

Daai Investigation owns professional investigation and evidence-collecting personnel and authoritative lawyers and consultants. When you are facing the issues of divorce and guardianship, let Daai assist you with our professional services!
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