Investigation of finding a person

Investigation of finding a person

How is your friend whom you have never seen for a long time? Is your former lover doing well? Where is your family or relative who run away from home? Do you want to find anyone? Express your concern and care timely, and do not let missing the person in your heart becomes damage that is not able to be made up! Forward your desire of finding the person to the experts in Daai investigation, and we will make your wish come true!

Where is your employee who escapes with money? Where does your debtor who owes you money hide? Does the initiator of your Rotating Savings and Credit Association bring the money away? Do you want to find any specific person? Paying back the debt is right and proper, and do not throw the money that you work hard to earn into the sea! If you want your money back, you must find out the person first. You can pass the demand of finding the person to Daai Investigation, and we will complete it for you!

Daai Investigation is an accredited investigation company by the government. We have abundant experience in finding people, excellent external relationship, and the information network from all directions. With the additional information you provide us, Daai Investigation understands your urgent demand in finding the person. Footprints in the sand show where one has been. We only some information from you, and we will do our best to extend more clues and find the person successfully for you!

Do you have any good friend that you have lost the contact with as time goes by? Do you have any debtor who runs away when facing dispute over obligation? Do you lose track of your spouse due to affairs or misunderstanding? Does any of your children leave home due to making wrong friends? Or do you have any demand in finding any person due to any reason? Daai Investigation has professional experts good in finding people. No matter who is the person you want to find out, leave it to Daai Investigation to complete the task for you!

As for the charge involved that most people concern, Daai investigation will provide you a quotation based on the difficulty in finding the person, including the information you provide and the location of the investigated person (Taiwan, China, overseas and other countries...). The charge of finding people is fair and reasonable, and our quotation will never be based on wild speculations! No matter who is the person you want to find out, Daai Investigation will achieve it professionally and rapidly!
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